What is Civil Litigation? – The Buy Me Blog

ompensated financially for the costs that were incurred during the trial.

The process of civil litigation isn’t considered a criminal process. It could have negative legal consequences for any individual or business that is found accountable. Immigration law, family laws, and tax law are just some examples of civil cases.

The amount of compensation sought in civil litigation is usually measured by the amount of loss suffered by an individual (or the loss of property, or money). When it comes to civil litigation the winning party may in addition claim legal fees along with other expenditures such as telephone calls, or cost of couriers. The prevailing party may have proven that the other party is in violation of their rights. In that situation, they can receive monetary compensation in lieu of charges, such as time spent for case filing and investigation.

To sum up, in civil lawsuits, the plaintiff is the one who brings an action against the defendant for damages. Civil litigants are usually individuals and companies, but they could also include governments, agencies, or different legal entities.