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A video “The Top Wiper Blades in the World” describes the most effective wiper blades to car owners.

Mary Anderson invented wiper blades in 1903. It was made of rubber to produce the first blades to wipe. Although they worked well at wipers, they degraded rapidly when exposed to sunlight in dry conditions. Graphite was used in the mold mix for the purpose of improving the blades however this resulted in a loud noise while functioning.

To address this problem the silicone wipers were created. They are more expensive over graphite or other rubber wiper blades however they are more efficient and last for longer. The environment, heat as well as ultraviolet rays may adversely affect the life expectancy of wiper blades. A further benefit of silicon wipers is that they create silicon deposits while working, which ensures that the windshield is waterproof, and increases the efficiency of wiping over time. In contrast, the deposits of rubber that can cause wiping more difficult.

You can extend the time-to-life of your wiper blades by keeping the windshield in good condition. Clean windshields are harder to clean, and will cause the blades to wear more quickly.