Why Facebook Sharing Has Become So Wildly Popular

On social media sites like Facebook, sharing happens so frequently that it has become like second nature to the people who frequently use this site in particular. When users share to Facebook, they essentially are showing others about the things they care about, whether it be an interesting news article, a cute pet video or a petition to take action against an entity. In an interesting way, Facebook has become a platform for change, and on Facebook sharing has largely led the charge for this change.

Sharing on Facebook is so commonplace, in fact, that many Facebook users are way more likely to share things they like rather than type in status updates. Of course, millions of these status updates are still made on a daily basis, but on Facebook sharing has become one of the top ways in which people are connecting with one another. One person shares something that he or she has gotten from another Facebook user or from an outside website, and that share is up on that person’s wall for all of his or her friends to see. Its ease of use is among the main reasons why Facebook sharing has become so commonplace, but it does not serve as the only reason for this.

Facebook sharing is very easy to use and sometimes just involves a task as easy as bookmarking a page, which requires a step or two and then it is done. To bookmark this page or that, a person only needs to find the bookmarks section of the browser being used and either right click on that or click on the bookmarks section and follow directions. To bookmark page or articles that are of interest, then, is quite similar to when someone shares post or posts on Facebook. Only a few short steps are required, and then all of a person’s friends have access to that share or that post.

On Facebook sharing is akin to having a conversation about something interesting. As mentioned above, it often is utilized as a call to action or as a source of entertainment. These two main purposes keep Facebook sharing as popular as it is, and because it is really simple to use most Facebook users familiar with the site can do it in their sleep. For the uninitiated, there are instructions on Facebook and outside resources as well, which are just about as easy as the process itself.