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Anyone who shares posts can tell you that the instant feedback of social networking can be a great influencer of hearts and minds. Sharing on facebook has become ubiquitous with social interaction in recent years. So much so that for many it has become more prevalent than email, phone, texting, and many other modes of communication when you want to disseminate information to your personal network, or even to the world. You can share with your friends, or literally anyone if you so choose.

In the case of celebrities, musicians, public figures, and social icons, facebook sharing has become an incredibly visible way to promote, share, and interact with fans. For some who have chosen to share to facebook, it has become the number one way for them to gain exposure. Consider a celebrity who shares posts with a million or more followers; every time they so much as post what they had for breakfast, thousands of comments, likes, and shares often follow. Today, you can follow practically anyone or anything on facebook and this certainly has its advantages both for the content providers as well as users.

In todays internet culture, practically everyone takes part in social networking in one way or another. Since before we even had a button to bookmark this page people have been designing ways to interact with each other online. From internet relay chat to instant messaging to email we are always seeking ways to reach out to others on larger scales and in more pleasing ways.

Finding your favorite celebrity online is simple and all their shares posts and comments will be readily available for you to follow. Most celebrities today actually use multiple social networks so following them with your favorite tool is easier than ever. If you are looking a figure who shares posts regularly, ask among your own social network who they follow and you will get great recommendations to make you laugh, keep you informed, and fill your news feed with fun and interesting posts.