Why Do You Need OCC/ACC Insurance? – Car Talk Credits

In the ugling industry, they’re unlikely to be covered under motor carriers’ workers compensation policy. In this video, we will discuss the benefits of OCC/ACC. While worker’s compensation is the most effective coverage it’s also one of the most costly. OCC/ACC policies provide similar benefits so they’re the perfect choice. According to the US Labour Department trucking is one of the most hazardous jobs in America.

Another reason to look into OCC/ACC covers medical costs in the event of a truck accident. Although a driver may have medical insurance, the coverage of work-related injuries may not be provided. The fourth cause is that Disability benefits when there are trucking accidents. It pays for the costs of the injured driver and provides compensation in the event that a trucking collision occurs. OCC/ACC protects both drivers and their family members. Mike says that the program provides medical coverage, disabilities benefits and payment of death benefits to the beneficiary. For more information, contact OCC ACC Insurance Company.