The Options for Teeth Fillings – Health and Fitness Tips

Your teeth. There are many reasons why it is necessary to get the teeth filled. This article will go over the options available to you in regards to dental fillings.

There are two types of fillings for teeth. We will be focusing on direct fillings. They are filled directly in the mouth. Direct fillings, on side, have to be placed out of the mouth, to be connected to the tooth. The advantage of direct fillings are that they’re cheaper and easier to install. Indirect fillings are more expensive yet they last longer.

Direct fillings are colored yellow or white. They’re most often used. This option is the most sought-after because they are very difficult to see within the mouth. The fillings are natural in look that is appealing to a lot of people. They’re also easy to place. A majority of white fillings can be completed in just one visit.