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Since long, we have been hoping to add crabs into our games. Frogs, among others and axolotls are also added to the game recently. It’s done. Moderators have added grabs into the popular sandbox games. These aren’t ordinary crabs. Find out more here. If you’re considering trying this mod with friends you should share your experiences. All you require is a reliable Minecraft server hosting service such as MelonCube. Their low-cost and reliable servers allow you to search for Minecraft crabs along with your friends.

Gem Crabs brings fifteen new varieties of Minecraft crabs. Each one is based on the different types of gem or ore. As an example, there are redstone crabs, iron crabs, and even Diamond crabs. They can be found roaming underground in caves. When you take on the crab and are able to end its life, it’ll shed a tiny piece of its gem or ore. The most sustainable approach involves right clicking on the crab’s head with the pickaxe. The crab is able to harvest the ore by hitting it with the pickaxe. It also works with fortune magic.