There is a Desert in Europe! – Travel Videos Online

They look just as beautiful as they are rugged. When the sun shines, the huge waves of sand can rise. The wind blows sand across the landscape, whispering between dunes. The most common association with deserts is Africa and the Middle East. But did you know Europe also has its own desert? In this clip, you will be introduced to the Bledowska Desert. Take a look!

Bledowska Desert is also referred to as the Polish Sahara. It’s open all year long to visitors. The site is only 45 km north of Krakow. There is a chance to think about why this desert got located in Poland. Sand was initially deposited by a glacier thousands of years back. The desert has grown to the current size because of the destruction of forests, human activities and others. It’s actually pretty large, measuring 12.2 square miles. Interestingly enough, both the Polish and United States militaries use the desert as a training area for their paratroopers. Because of the soft padding provided by sandy soil, landings are less difficult. Also, there is a shortage of trees that you can get caught in.