HVAC 101 What You Need to Know – Home Improvement Tax

Extreme temperatures can be difficult to deal with. The sticky, hot summers as well as freezing winters with dry temperatures are both unpleasant, and in this season of extremes failing the HVAC system can be risky. The cold winter temperatures and the summer heat waves can trigger different types of central heat and air units failure, which can lead to situations that are both uncomfortable and unhealthy – especially for seniors and young children.

Poor maintenance is the main reason for HVAC problems. Even well-maintained furnace and AC units can eventually fail and require replacement. Inquire about HVAC technicians to check the condition of your HVAC system before it becomes trouble.

You should contact an HVAC company as soon as you experience the signs of an HVAC issue during extreme weather. They’ll examine your system and repair it. If you’re running an older HVAC unit which hasn’t been maintained properly then you might need to invest in a new cooling and heating unit.