Social Bookmarking and Sharing Websites

What is a social bookmarking site? Basically, it is a site used to add, edit, and share bookmarks of websites with other users. Social bookmarking sites have grown in popularity in recent years, especially as social media has become increasingly integral to the online experience and people look for additional ways to communicate thoughts and information with others. Many popular websites would actually be considered social bookmarking sites, even though it is a term many of us are less familiar with.

There are many ways to use bookmarking sites, and multiple ways to bookmark this page. Many people appreciate the way it allows them to aggregate information from multiple locations, such as sites they have saved on a home and work computer, into one place. It also allows people to sort their bookmarks more easily. Many people who use social bookmark pages end up with hundreds of bookmarks, and user decided tags allow people to quickly find, for example, all the bookmarks that are about their favorite tv show.

Another advantage to social bookmarking is that you can share to facebook your bookmarks. Most people use facebook on a daily basis, so facebook sharing is for them an essential component for any other social type site they use. Sharing on facebook is also a good way to get other people involved with your bookmarking site so that the experience becomes more group oriented. You can bookmark this page and show them, for example.

When people think to themselves, I need to bookmark this page, a lot of them just use their web browsers. Not only does this often involve losing track of a lot of bookmarks, but they can also be lost during web browser updates, software changes, et cetera. This way you can keep track of your bookmarks forever, and share with your friends whenever you want, from wherever you want.

Social bookmarking also allows people to search through what other people, whether friends or just others online, have posted about certain subjects. This can often reveal interesting and fresh ideas that you would not have encountered otherwise. Since all tabs are tagged by what the person thinks is appropriate, results can often be more accurate than google searches, which have to be determined by algorithms. If you decide to bookmark this page, for example, you could tag it as web information or social bookmarking.