Restoring Dull Pavers – DwellingSales

The driveway’s pavers may become dull or faded from wear and wear and. This video will explain how to revitalize dull pavers by using the unique process of dyeing.

Your driveway’s pavers are subject to the Sun every day out. There are signs of wear due to driving and walking over pavers and other objects. Pavers that are not in good condition may look slightly different from when they first were installed.

It’s a problem that can be resolved quickly with paver dye. The process of dyeing is distinct in comparison to staining, as the color was designed to allow already existing colors to stand out instead of covering it up with a new stain.

Dyeing can be a more effective choice than simply reapplying clear sealer. If you’re dealing with dull pavers and clear sealer is not the best choice, it could prove a time- and cost-intensive loss. Clear sealer does not intend to enhance the color of your pavers, nor to provide protection.

If you want your pavers to look fresh and new, dyeing pavers is the right way to go. It is a great way to bring to life the original hue of pavers and could be combined with application of sealer again to prolong the life span of your pavers. For more information go to the video below.