Behind-the-Scenes Firefighters – Source and Resource

The majority of the time, you encounter firefighters when they’re working on a job. They’re usually present at an incident, or explaining the situation afterwards. They are some the most loved heroes of our community, and handle some of the most terrifying disasters that we can’t face. What can they expect in the absence of having to put their life at risk, or be in danger? What do they do to prepare for a crisis? What are they doing to be prepared for the infernos that have not yet been started? The video below will offer an insider’s view of the work of firefighters.

Much of what you do as an emergency responder involves checking and rechecking equipment to make sure that it’s in good functioning condition in case of emergency arise. regular inspections of the hoses and tests for flow of fire hydrants are conducted to ensure that there is there is enough water always. Extra trucks also need to be kept to be in good working order in the case of a vehicle breaking down. Even jobs that appear to be unimportant such as cleaning toilets are considered important in the firehouse.