Engage Your Facebook Friends More with These Three Sharing Tips

Did you know that over 20% of all photos taken this year will be posted to Facebook? Facebook has become a hub for virtual sharing. We want to comment, and have our content commented on. Everything from articles to videos becomes updates users can inform their social circles about, and discussions about Facebook interactions often has the older generation wringing their hands and worrying about interpersonal communication.

Are you interesting in bookmark page Facebook sharing? This can often be a good way to stimulate conversation. Here are three ways to increase how often other people engage with and comment on your Facebook postings.

1. Ask Questions

Sometimes the issue with sharing on Facebook is that the interesting part of what we post might not translate over well to the thumbnail description that ends up on our profile. Get people intrigued by asking a question along with all your posts. Are you sharing a funny cat video? Ask people if they think it is the funniest one they have ever seen, or if they have an even better one they can recommend. Questions help get people interested, provide more context for the posting, and make commentators feel like their feedback is valuable.

2. Be Consistent

Sites like Facebook use algorithms to determine how often other people should see your posts. Facebook assumes your content is relevant to people if they like or comment on it often. The more content you post and share to Facebook, the more chances you have for making this algorithm work to your advantage. Keep it relevant, though. No one likes clicking on an article only to realize it was something you posted for the sake of posting, rather than because you found it genuinely interesting.

3. Stay Level Headed

People like to watch drama, but if you consistently engage in online fights you will scare people away from commenting on anything you share with your friends. Did you know that 33% of all divorces filed in 2011 cited Facebook as one of their sources of conflict? The stress people can feel as a result of online interactions is real. Learn to take the higher road and avoid getting into long winded debates. Post more interesting articles in reply to people you want to prove wrong.

Have any tips for sharing on Facebook? Let us know in the comments!