With Social Bookmarking You Can Share Your Business With the World

Did you know that about 60% of millennials regularly share content by producing and uploading videos, photos, blogs, and product reviews? Whether it is through social media, or social bookmarking, an inconceivable amount of content is being shared each day. Are you wondering how your organization can make social bookmark submissions?

When you use the following tips for including images, videos, and other content in submissions, first ask yourself these three questions.

  • Is this a blatant advertisement?
  • Would an internet user consider this spam?
  • Is this something that only the marketing team would find interesting?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need to reconsider the content.


On Facebook, about 300 million new photos are added each day. It is exceedingly simple to share images online these days, and once you have an account on a social bookmarking service, you can start sharing pictures online with not only your followers, but with anyone who stumbles across the content. You might put up images of your products, your company, your staff, or your inspirations. You must decide what story you want to tell.


When you share movies online, you have the unique opportunity to break the traditional character limits of social bookmarking and media services. Consider uploading campaign and marketing videos, or news stories about events that affect your industry. With the video format, you can say much more than a simple status update or picture. Remember that much of the viral content online goes viral because it is either humorous, or very interesting.


Sharing on Facebook may not technically count as a social bookmark submission, but content regularly gets shared across social networks. On Twitter, more than 175 million tweets are sent each day. Share messages, articles, and questions on any of the services that feel appropriate. If someone has a positive experience with your organization or product, why not encourage them to tweet it to your company username, or share their experience on your Facebook page?

Before you start sharing on any network, it is a good idea to get a feel for what conversations have already been started, and in what formats are users already sharing their favorite things. The unwritten rule is that a social bookmark submission can be anything that you believe is worthy of sharing. Simply ask yourself if internet users would really and truly care about what you plan to share, and use that as a guide. Be creative, have conversations, and share your organization with the rest of the world.