Why Your Bail Bond Company in Cleveland Should Fight 10 Percent Bonds – Cleveland Internships

This is the reason why your bail bonds company must try to get these bonds replaced by surety bonds.

10 percent bail bonds aren’t exactly the same as surety bail bonds. A judge could set an amount of $10,000 for bail, but permit the defendant to post a 10% bail bond. The court have to pay only $1000. Many Ohio warrants are issued due to people pay money without even going to the court.

Bail bond companies aren’t able to protect the justice system safe from repeat offenders or protect the public. So why does the Ohio court system rely heavily on 10% bonds? The court is not required to pay the money back, unlike bond guarantees. This is their money that they are able to keep and track.

A bail bond firm could help the Cleveland community by fighting for 10-percent bonds replaced with bond guarantees that guarantee individuals incentives to take part in the justice system. n5v5mtr18p.