What are COVID 19 Tests Like? – Discovery Videos

Many types of COVID testing are offered. CBC News examines what it needs to do to obtain a COVID-19 examination.

There are several tests available for COVID, some of which need blood and saliva. In the end, the nasal swab test is the ideal way to check for COVID-19. The test goes into the sinuses. Only a professional can perform the test. It’s impossible to do this yourself. The risk of getting hurt is high.

If you are having your test, you may ask questions about your well-being. Your blood pressure, temperature, and temperature may be taken. Also, you could have the lungs examined.

A sterile, long the swab must be put into the nose of one. It should stop 3 centimeters. Despite a popular misconception that the swab doesn’t contact your brain. The swab can, however, feel discomfort on extremely sensitive skin. The swabbing only takes a second.

Results can take up to 24 hours. Although there are tests that give faster results, for instance, kit tests for at-home testing but they’re not as precise as traditional test using a nasal swab. g4xm6e5weo.