Vinyl Siding Project Breakdown – Daily Inbox

se insulated and protects the exterior of your home from weather and other elements. Vinyl is among the most well-known materials used for house siding and this video talks about how contractors can accurately estimate the cost of installing a new siding on your home.

The first step is to determine where the siding will end up and take pictures of every aspect of your home. These measurements and photos will give you a more accurate estimation of how much vinyl you’ll have to purchase to finish the task. Start by measuring the standard surfaces of the walls. Then, measure the gables.

This video offers a number of interesting tricks and tips to help a contractor efficiently measure both the interior and exterior of the roof. Every 100 sq. feet wall this is equal to one square siding material.

It is essential to choose a reliable contractor to make repairs or replace your siding. For a contractor, it is important to view the entire video for some useful techniques and tips in the measurement and installation of vinyl siding.