Understanding Root Canals – Dental Magazine

When we have an appointment, we visit the dentist to check up on the condition of our teeth. Most people will require various procedures needed to ensure their teeth are corrected. There are times when you will require braces or a root canal. In this article, we are going to look at the root canal.

Root canals are an operation that’s done to protect your teeth from all diseases or problems which may be threatening them.

In every tooth pulp can be discovered under the enamel. This includes nerves. The pulp could be affected through a myriad of causes, including infection. The tooth’s pulp is extracted during your root canal.

The individual who is responsible for carrying out the procedure is called an endodontist. To get to the pulp the endodontist drills a hole into the tooth’s top. The endodontist will clean the surface with a fluid and then use tubes to get rid of the pulp. The final part of the procedure involves sealing the tooth’s canal where there was a pulp and filling the tooth.