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Parents aren’t the perfect parents. The process of parenting is a continual process that demands constant learning. It is crucial to look at the issues that parents encounter in parenting. That way, it’ll be easy to come up with ways to enhance the relationship between parents and children. Here are some of the most frequent parenting challenges: Children who talk back at their parents is one of the biggest annoyances for a parent. Parents’ experts suggest that this is a sign of rebellion or disinterest. Parents who work with teenagers typically engage in plenty of back-talking. Though such conduct cannot be permitted It is crucial to take the time to learn why this is happening. When you reach the age of adolescence the majority of children are attracted by the notion of gaining charge of their life. They will resist any attempt to instruct or correct them in a particular direction. Understanding your child’s feelings to this point is critical for having a pleasant parent-child relationship. Make sure you are gentle with your child at this point. It can lead to rebellion. Aggressive or violent behaviour- Children tend to behave in the same manner no matter what you tell them. In an environment that demands fast results over a short period, most unconsciously exhibit aggression, particularly when they express the frustration of having a hard time achieving some thing. Perhaps this is not something that occurred to some parents, but you can be sure that your children may begin to take on these behaviors and, before you are aware, they’ll become quite violent and violent. Parents need to be calm when they are stressed. xqydzl1dzo.