Summertime Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips – Home Improvement Tips

Summertime ac maintenance tips Water Leaks

Although the AC is equipped with refrigerant that can condense over some point, under absolutely no circumstance is the refrigerant intended to leak. Water leaks can also cause destruction to other parts of the AC. If you observe a build-up of ice or leaks from your air conditioner, it is required to be examined and scheduled for AC repair prior to the time it goes down. Plumbing technicians can examine your AC and make sure the drainage pipes are in good working order.

Unusual Noises

You can expect your AC to emit some sound when going through a shutdown or initial start-up. If the AC is making loud or sudden sounds and you are concerned, it’s best to call an HVAC contractor.

Tips to Maintain Your Air Conditioner
The Filter has been checked

The filter inside your air conditioner traps pollutants. The filter may become unblockable over time, based on the environment of the home. This can cause it to stop operating. In addition, if your AC is not functioning properly, it is unable to circulate air that prevents the system in working properly. It is advised to inspect the filters every two weeks , especially if you have houseplants or pets reside indoors. Because you’ll be using the air conditioner more often; consequently, it’s important to keep it clean. If you fail to check your filter regularly there is a chance that you will experience typical issues, such as

The high electricity costs are due to the fact that your filter is filled with particles, your blower fan has to be stretched and will have to work harder to push air. Pressure from pushing air out is likely to wear the fan and harm the air conditioner.

Inconsistent air circulation – once your fan is straining to circulate air, some areas of the room may not be able to get the air they require due to the fact that the sensors designed to regulate temperature malfunction to inform that the system. If you continue to use it, it could cause an eventual breakdown of your cooling system.

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