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P truck. Here are some pros and cons about this particular type of canopy.

The advantages and disadvantages of Leer Canopy


1. A leer canopy is a great complement to any color pickup truck when it comes down to matching paint.

2. As compared to a canopy for a snugtop the leer canopies are more likely to offer more function and updated attributes compared to a snugtop.

3. The rear window of a leer canopy has a screen windows that make it worth it when you are planning an adventure in the open air.

4. High-quality construction. Leer canopy are less than a decade old, and their build quality is up to that of snugtop canopies that snugtop dealer sells. Leakage and build quality are top-quality.


1. Paint quality. Paint quality is not always the best. Though matching the color of your canopy and the color of your pickup truck is no big deal, be sure to find a snugtop dealer or Leer dealer that provides high-quality paint for canopies.

2. Fit. The majority of times, many owners of pickups with the leer canopy on their vehicles are not happy with their. Because of this, they will often put on many screws in and then find solutions for the whole canopy to fit into the truck. c2b8gwdw28.