Should You Consider Spark Aligners? – Clear Aligners For Teens

Are you considering straightening your teeth? Are you thinking about getting the spark aligners? The video gives a good tutorial on the whole process.

Spark aligners are nearly invisible, invisible braces for your teeth. Making and fitting the aligners starts with a digital camera that captures computer images of the teeth. The digital scans are processed in a digital lab, creating a 3-D digital model. A cosmetic dentist will work with you to develop a treatment plan. It will also include the prescription of necessary dental movements, designing attachments to achieve the desired movements, and creating computer-generated animations in which teeth can be virtually straightened through sections, as well as creating a model for each phase of the procedure.

The aligners are by analyzing the designs that correspond to each phase of the motion. Attachments are placed over your teeth in your first appointment. They are constructed with computer-generated designs. A tooth-colored adhesive is used to fill in gaps. According to the instructions, smaller or low-profile attachments can be employed to fix the teeth. It is necessary to wear the lower and upper set of the attachments 22 hours a day. Now you have details you require in order to determine if you want spark aligners put in place.