Police Behavior Unaffected By Remote Body Cameras – American Personal Rights

citizens’ behavior, lice, perceptions of police, and general investigation. This system has been largely supported by citizens and the police, but it hasn’t produced substantial results in how the two see one another.

Regardless of the outcomes the system is being implemented in many law enforcement agencies and authorities will continue to utilize them. The study included officers who were granted cameras for the duration of 18 months. The cameras were tested to find out if it enhances officers’ accountability, efficiency and investigation. It also helps with the relationships between officers as well as the general public. Results showed that usage of force by police officers who have cameras was not affected in comparison to officers who did use cameras but did not. This means that violent behaviors were not altered. Researchers believe that the cameras isn’t able to replace education and considerations in recruiting. Still, advocates believe that remote cameras for body cameras can provide civilization to all parties. pq71mnq8mn.