Increasing Reach Through Facebook Sharing

Search engine optimization, or SEO, can be directly tracked to the visibility of a website in the search engines and conversion opportunities. Typically, content marketing can be used as a primary component to increase site visibility by increasing third party links to your main site. A natural extension, and critical part of social media marketing, is to incorporate Facebook sharing.

Creating content and making it possible to share with your friends increases your reach and can potentially increase your “authority”. Search engines monitor your authority by looking at which sites link to you and how important they are considered to assign your authority.

You can increase the times that people share to Facebook just by adding share buttons to your posts, articles or blog content. As part of this, you will need to encourage your users to share posts or bookmark pages for increased visibility. By specifically stating that they should comment and share to Facebook, you will find that the conversions increase dramatically.

Sharing on Facebook is one of the more visible ways to build links to your website and potentially faster than submitting your website to other directories and aggregation sites. One note of warning as you share to Facebook, you may want to avoid automated posting and linking strategies so that Facebook does not deemphasize your content. Further, any kind of link farm or robot strategy will diminish your authority in the eyes of search engines.

As you share to Facebook, you can further encourage commenting to extend that conversation. For example, as you see that visitors are using the share to Facebook links, you can post comments directly that extends the interaction across other social networks. This in turn can be used to further ask others to share to Facebook. Your sharing should be continuous and consistent as part of your search engine optimization strategies.