How Artists Create Masterpieces Out of E-Waste – Computer Arts Magazine

The work of the artist transcends boundaries of imagination. His goal is to alter the perception of people about electronic waste, as well as show the value of recycled materials and how useful they are. The artist inspires people to be afraid of the potential dangers of the waste and also to think about the best ways to use it. He goes beyond the boundaries of critical thinking and produces pieces of art using electronic devices.

Another well-known art made from e-waste is the Tower of Babel located in Beijing. Created by Shen Bolun this work is a great instance of how imagination can help in the fight for ecological preservation. This is one of various Green-peace projects taking place worldwide. This is a wonderful instance of art that has advanced a lot. Babel’s tower is made of old cell phones as well as various electronic parts. The phones are fixed on a frame constructed of metal and flash various colors when synced. They emit beautiful lights which produce a dramatic visual. This tower is spectacular and provides a great image, especially in the nighttime. Another illustration of how electronics can be reused can be seen in this.

Shine in Ghana encourages locals to recycle their garbage to make furniture. It is one among others working to reduce the impact on the environment of electronic garbage. Shine can be described as an organization which designs products with old electronics and stimulates creativity and design. It has devised creative ways to recycle garbage into functional mechanisms as well as furniture. It encourages users to recycle old electronic waste to help protect the environment. The majority of people are in favor of the program, and are currently finding new ways to help fight the issue of electronic waste.

There are some notable developments like the grandfather clock as well as a car axle made from parts of an old wall clock. This creative work is beautiful to