Here are the Most Important Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Manual Wheelchair – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists

Let the caregiver drive the wheelchair. A good indoor and outdoor wheelchair is one that can be operated manually.

Pay attention to these things when buying manual wheelchairs:

1. Chair weight
2. Size of a wheelchair

Two things need to know about an armrest.

1. Armrests with retractable or flip-up back
2. When compared to shorter desk-length lengths or even longer lengths, the latter are more expensive.

It’s possible to fold all of our wheelchairs. When placed in the trunk of a car or cupboard they’re compact enough for you for them to easily fit into. Each leg rest can also be removed. You can choose between Hook-on or pull-off. The hooks can be customized for either shorter legs.

1. Back and cushion are suggested.
2. Use an anti-tipping belt to keep yourself safe.
3. If you want to relax then you could use recliner wheelchairs.
4. Cupholders and backpacks to fit wheelchairs.

Three kinds of manual wheelchairs:
1. It’s good, but somewhat heavy.
2. The design is even more sophisticated, and you can customize it according to your preferences.
3. Best – it’s incredibly lightweight and features an ergonomic back and seat. zbkh5jsbht.