Four Great Tools for Automated Social Bookmarking

The digital marketplace is already massive and is constantly growing. In fact, according to estimates by Forrester Reserach, by 2016, American consumers alone will spend more than $320 billion online by 2016. Similarly, social media continues to grow as evidenced by the fact that there are no more than 400 million Tweets being shared every day. With both being so popular, every business should try to find a way to build a stronger social media presence in order to attract new customers. For many, using automatic social bookmarking tools might be the best way to do so. Luckily, there are several options available.


The main advantage of using TribePro is that it works in syndication so that real people will add Retweets, Likes, and Google +1s to the content that businesses share. Engagement is vital when it comes to building a successful social media campaign, and earning shares or likes from web users can go a long way towards increasing that.

Social Marker

Though it is not a completely automatic social bookmarking program, Social Marker is a helpful tool. Though users have to create accounts on other social bookmarking websites first, after that, it simply requires a drag and drop to share content. It allows users to submit bookmarks to 50 different sites, helping to increase reach and visibility.


A bit different from other options, but it can be more fun to use. Essentially, SocialADR requires users to earn credits, which are earned by both submitting bookmarks and sharing others. To avoid that hassle – though the inconvenience is minimal – users might want to invest in the paid option that is a bit less time consuming.


By being completely automated and not requiring any account creation, IMAutomator might be the most convenient automatic social bookmarking tool available. It allows users to submit up to 10 URLs every day, and even provides the ability drip feed bookmarks at multiple intervals. Though it might lack in reporting, it is still a highly effective option.

Nowadays, sharing documents online, like pictures, videos, and any other unique content, is a good idea for businesses looking to build the web presence they need to boost visibility and attract new customers. Using bookmarking tools to improve reach and get it seen will always be beneficial.