Does the P-Shot Work? – Health Advice Now


The “P” in P-shot short for platelet rich plasma. A blood sample needs to be spun by the centrifuge. This allows the platelet-rich plasma to distinguish itself from the blood. Growth factors are then added to the plasma that is rich in platelets. The hope is that this will assist in the development of blood vessels as well as nerves. It will also reduce inflammation. This mixture is then injectable into the penis. It is safe for use with minimal side effects.

However, studies have only taken place on animals yet no major studies have taken place on humans. Only one small study is being conducted. A lot of times, items which work on animals may not be effective on humans. The P-shot, however, falls into that category. The benefits of the shot are small. The FDA could not be required to accept the P-shot prior to when it could be used as a result there was a loophole in the law.

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