Creative Laundry Room Ideas – Home Improvement Videos

A laundry space. This is just a handful of suggestions to personalize your look and feel.

Built-in cabinets are designed to your specifications and built in any configuration to meet your needs. For maximum space, put the cabinets inbuilt above washers or dryers. This will allow the storage of detergents in a convenient place and keep your items from reach.

Modular units can be used as effective alternatives that are less costly than built-in cabinets. There are many options that can be modified to fit into different areas. There is the option of purchasing a full collection or mix and match the sets. Before making purchases, consider your most essential tasks.

The flat surfaces allow you to stack and fold laundry without stressing your back. Put a folding shelf over your washer and dryer when there isn’t enough space. The space can be used for storing baskets or hampers. It can also assist you arrange your laundry area.

Open shelving can make your home more spacious and display a little aspects of who you are. For a cleaner look make sure you add two to three shelves to the top of your washer or dryer. Place them between the cabinets. To reduce clutter storage options, store soap and detergent, wash rags and even coins in woven and plastic baskets.

You have it. The ideas above can be combined or used in combination for a stylish laundry room that’s functional and stylish. If you’d like to know more, phone us at (888) 662-8820.