CPA-Led Training About Selling Orthodontic Practices – Finance Training Topics

For example, what is the right sale price for my company and how will it be organized? What are the tax implications?

Before you can sell orthodontic practices, it is essential to set out your goal. What are the goals you have in selling your business? Do you wish to leave or retire? If so, when? What’s your financial status and overall health? Are you willing to make this next step?

Another option is obtain an assessment of a CPA company that specializes on dentistry practice sales. They will give you advice on marketing an office for dental.

The next step is to enlist your advisory team. The advisory team can negotiate for you on behalf of buyers. Your dentist, accountant , and lawyer form part of this group. Your lawyer can help you create the required legal papers. They will serve as evidence of control as well as ownership of the company. icn9hv8k16.