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It is possible to ask: are braces or Invisalign more expensive? They are similar in cost however the costs for each dependent on what you’re looking for and how long you’ll need to use it. Are Invisalign expensive? All orthodontics are expensive. Dental insurance is likely to cover a part of it unless that you’ve exhausted your coverage during the calendar year. Are Invisalign worth it? For many people, they will be well worth the price. The cost can be high yet you’ll have straighter teeth.

Are Invisalign safe? Absolutely, they’re and completely safe. When you wear Invisalign it comes with transparent plastic trays made to precisely fit your teeth and to put gentle pressure on them to move to a new position. Once each tray has completed its job, you change your tray to the next. It continues this way until your dentist decides that you need to use these for. There are some who will need to wear them for longer than one year, while others may just require them during a brief period.