Check Out This Cardboard Baler in Action! – Source and Resource

If you are, then you might not be acquainted with a baler machine. Balers can combine several pieces of cardboard in order to allow cubes to go to the garbage or recycling facility. The process of putting them together is can save valuable time and cost for recycling and garbage companies, and it surprisingly comfortable. In this short video, we witness a large cube of cardboard go into a baler, from start to finish.

It is evident that the flattened cardboard reaches almost into the upper part of the machine when the process starts. The cardboard now occupies almost one-third of the original size by the conclusion of the process. The entire process of compacting was completed in less than an hour. The bulk of work required was taking the cardboard out and reloading it. The block that is finished can be removed with just one lift. This device makes recycling cardboard effortless and speedy. We can make it easier to dispose of environmentally friendly packaging.