Bonding Over Bookmarks

How many times have you seen a webpage that you wish one of your friends could see? Or, perhaps, you found a great website that you immediately know that you will want to return to again and again? You find such sites on the internet.

A lot of people will bookmark pages that they find interesting and plan on coming back to. However, they do not realize all of the things that they can do with bookmarks. Bookmarks allow you to share with your friends the things that you have discovered. There is sharing via email, and there is sharing on facebook.

Facebook sharing allows you to share with your friends the sites and articles that you find on the internet that strike a chord within you. You feel relatively confident that it will resonate with your friends as well, so you use a site that shares posts.

Bookmarks are capable of becoming more and more user friendly. The bookmarks bar makes them easier to access and manage than ever before, and the ability to share with your friends has made them more of a social asset than most people consider them to be.