How to Add Character to Your New Builder-Grade Home –

If you’re a fan of colors with white and black granite or industrial designs, this may help to better understand your style preferences.
2. The design of to create a Picture Wall

A blank canvas of the highest quality is available from new homes built by builders. It’s not necessary to create boring walls with white walls. Consider adding some unique images to enhance the appearance of the newly constructed home. For a total transformation look into a gallery wall. This will allow you to showcase your most treasured memories. You can choose to hang a trail of pictures heading through the steps or make one in your living room. Do not be afraid to mix and the matching frames. This technique can give you an intriguing aesthetic.

Also, you can put up the most beloved art works or motivational sayings, antique travel postersor any other striking graphic design that will add a dash of personality to your walls. It will give your own unique aesthetics to. The frames are inexpensive that come in various dimensions and styles in thrift stores and Target. When walking from your bedroom or kitchen to your work, a wall of gallery will make you feel happy.

3. Install a Custom Ceiling Rose

Though putting up a ceiling rose is more work and takes longer yet it’s definitely worth it. The installation of a rose on the ceiling to be the main focal feature of your room is an effective way of making your home look more attractive. quality home built by a builder. A ceiling rose is often displayed in your eating and living areas. Consider painting the ceiling rose or calling a local electrician to update the lighting.

4. Paint walls in dark shades

Dark hues can be integrated in bedrooms, living rooms or kitchen walls. This is among the more dramatic modifications you can bring to your house. It is possible to make your house seem smaller by painting each wall black. Think about alcoves or accent walls.